U.S. Supports New Health Supply Chain Management System

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Health Office Director Peter Halpert and Chief of Health Services for Malawi’s Ministry of Health Dr. Charles Mwansambo officially commissioned the Ministry of Health’s new Open Logistics Management Information System (OpenLMIS) on May 24. OpenLMIS enables Malawi’s Ministry of Health to strengthen its medical supply chain management by empowering Malawian health professionals to control medical stocks, reduce theft of medicines and medical supplies, and improve overall health services. USAID has contributed $1.7 million to OpenLMIS development and implementation, and as of March, 2018, 96 percent of Malawi’s medical facilities were using the database to manage their health services.

OpenLMIS is web-based, which means health workers can access the data wherever they have internet connectivity.  Since the system shares data in real time, health workers can make timely, evidenced-based decisions with complete and current data.  Malawi is the first country in the world to implement OpenLMIS version 3.0.  This version is a living system that will grow more powerful as Malawi’s health professionals use it to develop new ways to improve services, reduce waste, and eliminate theft.