Voting is a right of every U.S. Citizen. The Embassy is interested in ensuring that all U.S. Citizens have the opportunity to vote while they are overseas.

The best source of information on elections, about registering to vote, and how to arrange for an absentee ballot is the FVAP (Federal Voting Assistance Program) website The FVAP website offers resources to guide voters through the process of requesting an absentee ballot including wizards to confirm a U.S. citizens’ eligibility to vote in a specific locale and contact information for election officials.

Voting regulations vary from state to state including deadlines and methods to return an absentee ballot. Please visit for current information for your state of residence. The Consular Section is ready to assist U.S. citizens who cannot access the FVAP website or have questions about an absentee ballot. The Consular Section can direct you to the appropriate voting registration forms and provide general information taken from the FVAP website. Any U.S. citizen in Malawi can visit the Consular Section to ask for advice or e-mail questions to