If you are a U.S. citizen, it is possible that any child born to you is also a U.S. citizen, even though born outside the U.S. The child should be documented as a U.S. citizen as soon as practical after the birth. The Embassy will be happy to prepare a Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a United States Citizen, and a U.S. passport for your child. (A U.S. passport must be used for every entry and departure from the U.S., even if your child is a dual national). A DS-2029 Form must be submitted along with additional documentation described below.

The Consular Section schedules appointments for Consular Reports of Birth Abroad on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. except on U.S. and Malawian holidays.

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On the day of your appointment, please bring the following documents with you:

  1. Proof of the U.S. citizenship of one or both of the parents: U.S citizen parent’s/parents’ original Birth Certificate(s) (or certified copy), or U.S. citizen parent’s/parents’ U.S. passport(s).
  2. Child’s original Birth Certificate.
  3. Parents’ original Marriage Certificate (or certified copy). If divorced, all original Divorce Decree(s) (or certified copies). If the parents are not married, please discuss this with the officer, as additional documents are required.
  4. Identity document for the parent making the application for the Report of Birth, if not an American.
  5. The fee for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad is $100.00 USD or equivalent in Malawian Kwacha.
  6. You can fill out the required forms at the Consular Section or download them here:

We strongly encourage you to apply for the child’s first passport at the time you receive the Report of Birth. (We cannot issue the passport without a Report of Birth.) Remember, the child cannot enter the U.S. on a foreign passport, and you might be delayed in traveling for a family emergency if you have not already obtained a passport for the child. The passport is valid for five years. To apply for a passport, please bring the following additional items:

  1. The fee for a first time passport for a minor is $105.00 USD or equivalent in Malawian Kwacha, no personal checks or credit cards are accepted.
  2. Two identical photos of the child, taken full face, with no head coverings, light background, with the face covering ¾ of the photo. Please note that the photos must be 5cm by 5cm (2 inches by 2 inches).

Both parents must appear with the child along with their passports. If both parents cannot appear, the parent appearing must bring a signed written consent from the other parent for issuance of the child’s passport. Statement of consent (DS-3053) when only one parent is available:

You can also submit an application for the Child’s Social Security Number free of charge along with the Consular Report of Birth Abroad and passport applications.