Prefabricated Pharmacy Storage Units

19th November, 2018

U.K. and U.S. support Malawi with additional “Prefabricated Pharmacy Storage Units” to expand storage capacity for medicines and medical supplies

The U.K.  and U.S. Governments, through the Department for International Development (DFID) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), respectively, have worked together with the Ministry of Health and Population to increase the storage capacity for medicines and medical supplies in Malawi’s health facilities. The U.K. Government provided £11 million and the U.S. Government $1.5 million to purchase and install prefabricated pharmacy storage units in 238 health facilities across Malawi.

Minister of Health, Hon Atupele Muluzi, on Monday 19 November 2018 commissioned one of such newly installed units at Ming’ongo Health Centre in Lilongwe. In the current phase, close to 50 percent of the prefabricated pharmacy storage units are solar powered to ensure that facilities without power access can ensure that medicines maintain their potency until they reach their patient.

The pharmacy storage units, which take only about five days to install, will help reduce deterioration and loss of medical supplies. Also, because the pharmacy units are  additional structures on hospital sites, they will create more space for clinical or other activities in the health centres.

Head of DFID Malawi, Dave Beer said:

“Ensuring the quality, safety and security of medicines is vital for an effective health system. These pharmacy storage units will help make sure that more Malawians can get access to the medicines they need, when they need them. It will also be imperative that effective controls are in place to manage the stock in the Prefab pharmacy units.”

U.S.Ambassador, Virginia E. Palmer, said:

“As we celebrate this great trilateral partnership, let us continue to work together to ensure that medicines make it to the vulnerable patients that need them to survive and thrive.  In the process, we will each contribute to making Malawi a healthy, competitive, and resilient nation.”

Notes to Editors

  • A 2014 USAID Assessment found that 77 percent of Malawi health facilities have less than half of the pharmacy storage space required to meet current demands. The situation will only get worse as the population grows.  As a result of this investment, over 95 percent of Malawi’s public health facilities now have adequate space to store drugs and other health commodities.
  • Each units comes with a roof of galvanized sheeting and insulation, 2 air conditioners, a double door with security gates, shelving and pallets, and a desk.
  • This is a second phase of this activity where 238 units have been installed; in 2016 DFID and USAID supported MOH by installing 115 pre-fabricated storage units at approximately 108 health facilities
  • The specific purpose of these Storage-in-a-Box units is to store bulk medicines and supplies and not as dispensing stations or offices.

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