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Peace Corps Volunteers Return to Malawi
August 14, 2023

Eight Americans arrived at Kamuzu International Airport today to begin their service as Peace Corps Volunteers in Malawi.  They are the first to serve in Malawi since March 2020 when all Peace Corps Volunteers worldwide were evacuated to the United States of America due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are thrilled to welcome back Peace Corps Volunteers to Malawi,” said U.S. Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Amy Diaz.  “They will continue the 60-year partnership of the Peace Corps in Malawi, in which Americans and Malawians not only work together on grassroots development projects, but also share their lives and perspectives.”

Peace Corps Volunteers will first participate in 11 weeks of training to learn how to conduct their work in community day secondary schools, health centers, and extension planning areas.  They will also learn the Chichewa language.  After completion of this training, each Volunteer will live and work in a Malawian community for two years.

Peace Corps Country Director Amber Lucero-Dwyer said that the intensive training will prepare them for life in Malawi.  “Peace Corps is all about working together and sharing, because that is how we deepen the bonds of our global community, she said.  “Volunteers and community members will work together on locally prioritized projects.  And they will also share their cultures so that Americans and Malawians have a better understanding and appreciation for each country’s cultures.”

Additional Volunteers will arrive in September as the Peace Corps begins expanding the program in Malawi to its previous scope.  The Peace Corps recruits Americans with a wide variety of experience, ages, and perspectives to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers.  The Peace Corps operates in over 60 countries, including Malawi where more than 3,000 volunteers have served since 1963.