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Health and Travel Alert – U.S. Embassy Lilongwe, Malawi (May 22, 2020)
May 22, 2020

Health and Travel Alert – U.S. Embassy Lilongwe, Malawi (May 22, 2020)

Location:  Malawi

Event: Seats Available on May 30th Flight

Satguru Travel will operate a charter flight through Ethiopian Airlines from Lilongwe to Addis Ababa tentatively scheduled for Saturday, May 30, 2020.  For bookings, please contact Satguru Travel by signing up via their form at https://forms.gle/3bgkUGA8EavhPPmQ7. The tentative Satguru pricing for a one-way ticket from Lilongwe to Washington for an adult is $3,200. Passengers with previously issued, but unused tickets or existing bookings with Ethiopian Airlines may liaise with Satguru on the possibility of using part of that ticket with an additional cost of this charter flight.

Passengers are responsible for booking their own onward travel to the United States, but may arrange with Satguru as well. Please note that travelers transiting through Addis Ababa with a layover of more than 24 hours must go to one of the government-owned quarantine hotels at their own expense and may be subject to 14 days quarantine. Travelers should arrange an itinerary through the Addis airport with minimal layover.

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