Alert: Nationwide Demonstrations Update

Alert: Nationwide Demonstrations Update – July 7

Event: During last week’s demonstrations, organizers called for protests to resume on Monday, July 8.  At this time, the U.S. Embassy has recommended mission personnel avoid non-essential travel on Monday.

Due to skirmishes and looting associated with ongoing protests, all U.S. Embassy personnel are advised to avoid public gatherings as the security environment is unpredictable and can rapidly deteriorate with little-to-no notice.

The U.S. Embassy will observe the holiday of Malawian Independence day on Monday, July 8th. There are planned celebrations in Blantyre to commemorate the occasion.

Travel Restrictions for U.S. Embassy Personnel: Avoid non-essential travel outside of residential neighborhoods, and areas 10, 12, and 43.  All official travel between cities, and return travel to Lilongwe must be approved by the acting RSO. Essential work is authorized in Lilongwe.  Travel to Kamuzu International Airport is permitted.

Actions to take:

  • Ensure you have a fully charged radio and cell phone.
  • Regularly check your phone and email for updates regarding the security environment.
  • Exercise caution when moving around all areas of Malawi.
  • If you see a barrier or individuals blocking your path, turn around and find an alternate route.
  • If you are unable to depart, keep your windows up and your doors locked, seek shelter if needed.
  • Avoid large crowds and always leave yourself room to maneuver.